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Anyone can register an account on our site. For guidelines visit the rules page. If you wish to contact us regarding permissions level for interaction with the site, some guidelines are outlined in the rule section, but know that additional clearance is giving on a person by person basis by authorized administrators. If you submit an email, every effort will be made to respond, but it is not guaranteed.

The Columbus Go club meeting times and address is posted on the Home page in the left panel. This is a great way to meet some of us in person. We have no official phone number as of yet though. We want to hear from fans of the game and are currently looking for those fluent in the game to help admin the site. We hope to grow this site into a place where friendly game reviews are common in order to help players grow in strength as well as form lasting friendship.



Empty Go board with two basket of stone pieces

If you have suggestions for the site please let us know. We want this site to be one of the best one the internet. If you are having trouble with the site put “site trouble” in the subject line of the email. We will try to prioritize these.

Do not contact us for copyrighted material. We will not supply or post any material that is owned by another person or company without written permission to do so. If any post on our site contains anything that is copyrighted please let us know and put “copyright” in the subject line. We will need source information to prove that the material is copyrighted, but want to know if any posts are infringing on copyright laws.

We might include a contact form here in the future but for now the main contact email for the site is: