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Yes! This site has rules! Please read through this rules and contact an administrator with any questions.


  1. Do not post anything that is not related to the game of Go. (Wei Qi, Baduk) All unrelated posts will be deleted. If it has a tenuous relation to Go, it needs to be approved by an administrator. All incidents will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  2. No verbally abusive comments. This site is based on the love of a beautiful game, and we will not allow that to be tarnished with ugly behavior. We should all respect each other and our individual skill levels.
  3. Do not link to another site without previously approved permission from an administrator. We do not want to see links in the comments going to everybody’s websites. That being said, there will be some exceptions, which is why it can be done with approval.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material. No copyrighted material is allowed on this site. If a post includes copyright material, or a link to copyright material, it could result in the poster getting a permanent ban from the site.
  5. Absolutely no pornography, vulgar imagery, or references to these is allowed on this site. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban

many black and white stones during go game playing on goban close up


  • Anyone can register, but initial membership is on a “Contributor” level. This means that a new member can write an article for the site, but it has to be approved before getting posted. No instant posts are allowed for new members, but as long as it is about Go and contains nothing that would be questionable or break any of the above rules, it will get posted after an administrator reviews it.
  • A “Contributor” can get elevated to an “Author” level by showing that they will add quality to the site with the posts that are created. A request can be made to an administrator for this elevation, but at least two posts will be needed to display the quality that we can expect. The “Author” level allows the use and addition of media files such as pictures and PDF documents.