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miagc Invitation Letter I have received an open amature Go tounament invite and have received permission to post it here. The Word document below has detail for the tounament. Please contact the organizers directly if interested. The contents of the document are as follows: MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR GO CHAMPIONSHIP (MIAGC) Dear Sir / Lady We are pleased to inform you that the Malaysia International Amateur Go Championship (MIAGC)  will be held in Syeun Hotel, Ipoh, Malaysia from 11th to 16th March 2017. This event host by Perak Non-Islamic Affairs Department and organize by Ipoh Wei Qi Enterprise. Ipoh Wei Qi Enterprise would like to extend our invitation to you Weiqi (Go) Association (Club) to participate in this coming event. Each Association / Club can send up to unlimit players to join this event. This tournament is only open for Amateur players and also extended to whole worldwide. For your information, […]

Tim has supplied me with the missing Kerwin videos, so the Kerwin video page is complete. If you would like to download the videos, simply “right click” on the image you want and “save link as…”. I will add an exclusive downloads page if there is enough desire for it, but for now this can suffice. Additional videos reviewed by Kerwin will be uploaded to the site soon. I hope to include game records on the page as well, but it depends on my formatting ability. As always please send any questions or suggestions to my email

Getting better at Go requires that the game is played, and preferably reviewed. But when a match isn’t possible due to time or lack of an opponent, studying life and death problems can very helpful. I recommend starting with the basics, like low level problems. Some joseki and fuseki problems are ok too, but life and death, in my opinion, will serve you better. My first introduction to life and death was a book. That book is: “The Elementary Go Series, Volume 4 Life and Death”  This book is a good start, but where to go from here. There are many books on life and death, and some additional ones can be recommended if you ask. As mentioned in the THANK YOU post on the home page, Tim Kington wrote a program called GoGrinder. This program is excellent for life and death problems, and the incorrect buzzer is a good […]

The Columbus Go Club would not be what it is today if Devin did not take control. His constant effort to promote the Go community in the Columbus area has led the Go club to where it is today. Devin saw a need for a new meeting location and made it possible to meet at the current location instead of the former meeting place of North Market. THANK YOU for picking up the reigns of the Columbus Go club and turning it to what it now is. The owners of Tea Zone Bakery & Café get a big THANK YOU for giving us a unique place to meet and play our games. There is such a good menu of drinks and food that there is plenty to choose from while playing our games. The setting inside is a perfect theme for Go games and the club. Tim Kington, a Columbus […]

The first step to getting good at playing Go is to learn the basic rules. One of the easiest ways is to use an interactive learning system. One of my favorites is “The Interactive Way to Go” (click the name for a link directly to the site) I like this one because it goes through the rules and gives playable examples as you proceed. The link takes you to a flash version, but a downloadable java version is available as well. After the moves in the interactive tutorial series is second nature, I suggest playing a Go variant called the capturing game on a 9 X 9 board. This game plays like go, except the winner is the first to make a capture. This game helps to instill the need to keep stones connected as well as helps new players escape from traps designed to capture. Eventually a new player […]

I would like to inform everyone of some downtime this site suffered. Due to an error on my part, this site was down for a while, probably most of the day. I neglected to set up my hosting packages automatic renewal properly. I thought everything was OK until I tried to log-in a little while ago. The hosting service provider helped me fix the issue, so it won’t happen again. I know this site is still under construction and has only a few posts, but that was still really embarrassing. If anyone has suggestions for the site itself, feel free to email me at

Welcome to the Tesuji Go Club of Columbus Ohio. The Columbus Go club has it’s own site and will be linked here eventually. This site will initially be used as a platform for game review. Articles might be posted here as well, if they interest the members of this site and are related Go. I wish everyone a grand adventure as they travel deeper into the game of Go.