Dylan vs Ray

I’m posting two games here today. The first one is a game played between Dylan and myself at the Columbus Go Club on Sunday the April, 17 2016. I won the right to choose color, so I chose white. Dylan played a blitz style game while I thought my moves out slowly. Dylan seemed to read better than I did in a number of places. I think he might have won if he played slower and looked for more options even if the first move he saw looked right.

The game below was played between Dajiang and Jeff at the Go club on the same day. This one was a fun game to watch. Dajiang wanted to remind us of the Asian games section of the Asian festival coming up on May 28-29 at Franklin Park on Broad St. Some of the Go club members will be there as well. If you’re interested, the Asian festival is held annually on Saturday and Sunday of the memorial day weekend.

Dajiang vs Jeff

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