Week 3 Game 1

This was an embarrassing game for me, and I almost didn’t post it, but take the good with the bad. All games have lessons in them. I missed an opportunity at H17, but I was still pleased with my game until I played move 94 at O3 instead of N5, even though. I was too cocky and thought I could get away with playing slow. I didn’t read the situation well at all and was relying on my walls instead of reading the situation out. To further my blundering I played move 104. There was no real reason to push in here. I was greedy to separate stones and again did not read this out very well at all. I later missed the reason behind my opponent’s move at R14 on move 155. This was the point where I wanted to resign but played on. To add to my dismay I mistakenly played move 178 at G14 instead of F81. Anyone interested in reviewing this game, please let me know what blunders I missed from my opponent were. I’d like to see where I could have done better.

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  1. Cr4zyP4nd4 says:

    Howdy Ray,

    Here’s a review:
    25: This is strange. 2nd line moves early in the game need a specific purpose. Why not play on the 3rd line? Or just play elsewhere. The group that develops around this stone is a major burden.
    46: White should play T3 to kill. 41 and 45 are overplays.
    50: Strange. White should stick to lines 3 and 4. If he wants to expand his center potential, he should do so while putting pressure on black.
    57: Should be at 58. There is no reason to play submissively here.
    79: The exchange up to here (white taking back the corner) is pretty horrible for black. Black has around 45 points. White has around 20 and overwhelming influence. The game is good for white.
    80: White has to do something around here. White could also shoulder hit on the 4th line. Sente will be pretty valuable, so white should try to maintain the initiative (looking to seal off the north side of his framework/approach the top right).

    88!!!: The purpose of 80 was to take away black’s base and attack. To play away now is inconsistent. White must attack severely!! If blacks stones become strong, then much of white’s influence will be wasted. If white wanted to play away quickly like this, he should have shoulder hit at K4 for move 80. Regardless, there is no way that black would have gotten sente to take prevent a move in this area.
    98: L6 is a critical point. Black has no eyes, and no clear way to escape. White can attack solidly, taking points left and right. The game move stakes everything on the cut and kill. It’s like playing a ladder that doesn’t work. Why not just make a nice “ladder breaker”? With 98 at L6 the game is still favorable for white.
    113: Game over. Black is leading over 20 points. White’s influence is broken.

    Summary: The game started well for white. Black made an odd invasion of the bottom right, giving white overwhelming influence. White made a strange play on the left side, but black failed to take advantage. After a black blunder in the upper left corner, white has a clear advantage, with unassailable thickness. To use this thickness, white launches an attack on the black’s bottom side group! but then leaves the attack, allowing black to strengthen his position and erase a lot of thickness. After a series of decisive errors white’s position is ruined. Black takes sente and consolidates enough to end the game.


    • Raymond Chenault Raymond Chenault says:

      Thanks for the review! I’ll look at it in more detail when I’m off work this evening. I have a few other games here if you wouldn’t mind giving me your insight on them as well.

    • Raymond Chenault Raymond Chenault says:

      I got a chance to review the game again, and find your review very helpful! I can’t speak for Alex (black) but I realized my lower side mistakes almost instantly. move 94 at N5 I think would have been better as well. My moral was hit pretty hard by move 100.

      • Cr4zyP4nd4 says:

        94 at N5 is definitely playable. That said, your move 94 is not a losing move.

        It can be difficult to recenter after mistakes. Your opponent fractures your arm so you wave it around full of fury! I still go on tilt for three or four moves after a blunder ^^. Strong players cut off their arm off while its breaking.

    • Krisalyn says:

      At last, sonemoe comes up with the “right” answer!

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