I would like to inform everyone of some downtime this site suffered. Due to an error on my part, this site was down for a while, probably most of the day. I neglected to set up my hosting packages automatic renewal properly. I thought everything was OK until I tried to log-in a little while ago. The hosting service provider helped me fix the issue, so it won’t happen again. I know this site is still under construction and has only a few posts, but that was still really embarrassing.

If anyone has suggestions for the site itself, feel free to email me at kwostu@gmail.com

Week 2 Game 1

This is a record of my first game on 4/3/16 at the Columbus Go club meeting. It is also, unfortunately the only one that I recorded. I am black in this game and I got horribly out matched right at the beginning. I let white, Jeff, have too much at the beginning of the game and felt obligated to attack after attack against a much stronger player. As you can see from the record, it didn’t last long. I kept letting myself get separated and didn’t take advantage of the one group I managed to isolate well enough.

Feel free commenting on this game, and how I could have played better.

On a positive note, I won my second game, and although I don’t have a game record I had a really exciting third match.20160403_165553 This picture is the final result. The prisoners are not in the picture, but black won by about 10 points. I was white, but the match was really fun, I love close games the most, even though I learn more from the ones where I get crushed completely.

If I go to the Go club next week I’ll record all of my games. I wish I had this one on record so that I could share the fights in this one.

1st Game

This image and download represent my game with Pete this afternoon. Feel free to criticize it. Although I resigned after move 100, there is still a fight if I had played at R8. My biggest mistake in this game was to aggressively fight a stronger player. I might have done better if I had not started the fight at move 5. It was also unreasonable to continue fighting at the bottom of the board with three weak groups. I should have cut my losses and moved on.



Welcome to the Tesuji Go Club of Columbus Ohio.

The Columbus Go club has it’s own site and will be linked here eventually. This site will initially be used as a platform for game review. Articles might be posted here as well, if they interest the members of this site and are related Go. I wish everyone a grand adventure as they travel deeper into the game of Go.